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The 5 space probes and 1 other object listed below are the only artificial objects that have ever escaped the solar system.
List of artificial objects escaping from the Solar System New Horizons
Pioneer 11late 1996Its transmitter fell silent altogether
Pioneer 102003(01/23)The final, very weak signal was received when it was 12 billion kilometers (80 AU) from Earth
New Horizons2014(08/24)The probe will pass Neptune's orbit
Feb 2015Observations of Pluto begin
2015(05/05)Images exceed best Hubble Space Telescope resolution
2015(07/14)Flyby of Pluto around 11:47 UTC at 13,695 km, 13.78 km/s. Flyby of Charon, Hydra, Nix, Kerberos and Styx around 12:01 UTC at 29,473 km, 13.87 km/s
Voyager 22015 approxTermination of gyroscopic operations
Voyager 12015Termination of Data Tape Recorder (DTR) operations (limited by ability to capture 1.4 kbit/s data using a 70 m/34 m antenna array. This is the minimum rate at which the DTS can read-out data.)
New Horizons third stagelate 2015Crosses Pluto's orbit
Voyager 12016 approxTermination of gyroscopic operations
New Horizons20162020Possible flyby of one or more Kuiper belt objects (KBOs)
Voyager 22020 approxInitiate instrument power sharing
Voyager 12020Start shutdown of science instruments (as of October 18, 2010 the order is undecided but the Low-Energy Charged Particles, Cosmic Ray Subsystem, Magnetometer, and Plasma Wave Subsystem instruments are expected to still be operating)
Voyager 22025 or slightly afterwardsCan no longer power any single instrument
Voyager 12025-2030Can no longer power any single instrument
New Horizons2026The Dwarf Planets mission will conclude
2038(12)New Horizons will be 100 AU from the Sun/If still functioning, the probe will explore the outer heliosphere.
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