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"There was a high magnitude quake in the evangelistic spiritual realm over Chicago today. At its epicenter was the passing away of one of the finest evangelists I have ever known." This quote is the first paragraph of a blog post from 2007(06/08) by Bill Giovannetti. The full blog post is here. HeavenQuake… (on LOIS PETERSON)

I've crossed paths with Bill a couple of times in my life(he is an C&MA pastor and author currently living in California). I submitted a response to his blog post on 2007(06/12)(18:49:00). Mine was one of 51 responses.

I met Lois just once about a week before she died, but my wife Robin was strongly influenced by Lois and her husband Don's ministry, while they all were attending North Side Gospel Center. North Side Gospel Center also had a big influence on my Dad in the 1950's.

Edward M. Stadick

Someone Robin knew posted the picture on the left to facebook on 2010(12/20). It is the house that Lois and Don and their family lived in in Chicago. The picture was tagged with 42 names of people with facebook accounts who attended the Bible study there. As you can see from the comments below there were a lot more people that could have been tagged.

A couple of people commenting below were involved with Robin and my wedding. Bill Shereos(senior pastor of first free chicago) officiated and Rita Reinhardt read scripture.

Edward M. Stadick


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