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Welcome to A page committed to helping all Americans, particularly the unemployed, by presenting a case for freezing(or if possible lowering) the minimum wage. This is particularly important in the states with the highest minimum wage.

I'm certainly not an economist, although I have taken 4 economics classes as part of an Accounting undergraduate degree and have done well on a couple of MBA finance classes. Much of my passion for this topic comes from living in Illinois and seeing first hand(around 2009) that it was next to impossible for college graduates to get jobs at places like McDonalds and Wal-Mart here.

Ludwig von Mises Institute is a facebook page that 75,121 people like. The Mises Institute works to advance the Austrian School of economics. It appears to me that one of the things the 'Austrian School' would support is lowering the minimum wage(which I think is kind of cool since I am half Austrian). (You may have trouble getting to this link if you got to this page by going to, if so cut and paste to the address bar above)

Freeze Minimum Wage is a facebook page that 27 people like. This is a page I started since there is talk by the facebook admins that the facebook group format is being replaced by the facebook page format. Also, that facebook groups such as the 3 below may be going away particularly in cases like these where the is no admin or no active admin. (You may have trouble getting to this link if you got to this page by going to, if so cut and paste to the address bar above)

Edward M. Stadick, Webmaster

Arlington Heights, IL

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While still has some general day to day stuff about me, I've started to focus more on
lowering the minimum wage.  Here are the 15 of the 219 tweets so far related to that topic.

Colorado first state since 1938 to lower minimum wage:
15 Dec 09 

How about a jobs bill that doesn't cost the government a dime. If people want to work, give them the freedom to do so.
18 Mar 10 

Even to the millions who would love to work for less then minimum wage, but we don't allow them to. Please lower the minimum wage.
18 Mar 10

Quinn blasts Brady for suggesting minimum wage cut -
28 Jun 10

I support @bill_brady for Governor - Check out for more info on the campaign. #imwithbill #ILgov
28 Jun 10

Just joined
17 Jul 10

Checking out Ed Stadick's Profile on Tea Party Patriots:
25 Jul 10

we need to lower minimum wage in illinois
25 Jul 10

Why not lower the minimum wage? -
5 Nov 10

Wage increase heads to court - South Sound - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington via @AddThis
4 Dec 10 Along the Minimum-Wage Battle Front
5 Dec 10

1975 interview of Economics Nobel Prize winner 'Milton Friedman on Minimum Wage'
2 Jan 11

American Samoa: The real story 60 Minutes missed (SchiffReport)
10 Feb 11

'The Job-Killing Impact of Minimum Wage Laws' video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.
26 Mar 11

From more then a year back but still good.
13 May 11


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