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Tropic of Cancer mark, Ruisui, Hualien, TW
81 Japan(JP)
pop. 126,672,000
82 South Korea(KR)
pop. 51,446,201
84 Vietnam(VN)
pop. 94,569,072
850 North Korea(KP)
pop. 25,368,620
852(CHINA) Hong Kong(HK)
pop. 7,389,500
853(CHINA) Macau(MO)
pop. 650,900
855 Cambodia(KH)
pop. 15,762,370
856 Laos(LA)
pop. 6,758,353
86 China(CN)
pop. 1,403,500,365
880 Bangladesh(BD)
pop. 162,951,560
886 Taiwan(TW)
pop. 23,550,077

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