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Near side
Eastern Hemisphere(N to S) in above left picture
Mare Serenitatis
A17(20.1908N 30.7717E)
Mare Tranquillitatis
A11(0.67408N 23.47297E)
Mare Crisium Mare Fecunditatis Langrenus (crater)
Mare Nectaris Stevinus (crater) Mare Vaporum
Mare Insularum Mare Nubium Tycho (lunar crater)
Western Hemisphere(N to S) in above left picture
Mare Frigoris Plato (crater) Mare Imbrium
A15(26.1322N 3.6339E)
Copernicus (lunar crater) Kepler (lunar crater)
Oceanus Procellarum Grimaldi (crater) Byrgius (crater) Mare Cognitum
A12(3.01239S 23.42157W)
Mare Humorum
Fra Mauro formation
A14(3.64530S 17.47136W)
Descartes Highlands
A16(8.97301S 15.50019E)

Far side

"The Chang'e 4 spacecraft is scheduled to make the first soft landing on the far side on 3 January 2019. ... Von Kármán is about 180 km in diameter and it is located within an even larger impact crater called South Pole–Aitken basin of roughly 2,500 km (1,600 mi) in diameter and 13 km (8.1 mi) deep... Aitken is a large lunar impact crater that lies on the far side of the Moon"
Mare Moscoviense Aitken (crater) South Pole–Aitken basin Von Kármán (lunar crater)


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